On yer bike

This morning, this oh so sunny morning, as I was running along the exercise track doing my daily constitutional, I met a friend. As we ran and chatted, (2 metres apart, tut not), we talked (well, kind of yelled), about the people who have rediscovered their bike. ‘They are positively gleeful’, my friend shouted. And she is so right. Cycling, as Luka Bloom has it in his excellent song ‘Think I’ll Go For A Ride’, makes us all children again. The miserable amongst us will say that the tracks are now too busy, but I must demur. Look at the faces of those whooshing along, feeling free, the breeze in the faces, their fossil-fuel guzzling car abandoned at home, laughing as their muscles remember despite the years of inactivity, their hearts pumping out a decade or more of clogged-up sluggishness, family members all out together, kids loving the fact that mum and dad like doing something they like too  — and then tell me it’s not a good thing. I will continue to demur.

6 thoughts on “On yer bike”

    1. Thanks Paul. I think though that your cycling history and expertise is way way in advance of mine! I’m a tootler and destined to be no more than that but happy that you liked my blether. Blessing on your day.x


  1. While out for a walk it is good to see the family groups cycling together. Toddlers pedalling for all they are worth and Mums and Dads cycling slowly beside them. All smiling and enjoying the simple pleasure of being out together.

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  2. Well you are writing about Joe & I. We have been out on our bikes almost every day and loving it. Wish we were in lockdown on Millport 😉 🚲

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  3. Ah, the joys of Spring, The May leaves, in all their radiance, were dancing along it seemed as we cycled through the nearby
    woodlands yesterday.

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