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  • 10 sybils question and answer session.
  • Review of the 10 sybils event at the Scottish Writers’ Centre.

Narrative Non-Fiction Writing:


  • ‘Blythe’ and ‘First Day’, Glasgow Women Poets: A Collection, (ed., Murphy et al, Four-em Press, 2016)
  • ‘The Swing of It’, Paisley Poems, Issue 2, Autumn/ Winter 2017

Annotated Edition:

  • Margaret Oliphant, (1890 rpt., 2010) Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago (Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies)

Non-annotated editions:

Anne was engaged in a collaborative project which published new editions of out of print Scottish titles. Each new edition carries an introduction by an academic with a specialised knowledge of a particular writer or genre. See: Anne was editor of the following series:

  • ‘Nineteenth-Century Scottish Women’s Fiction’
  • ‘Twentieth-Century Scottish Women’s Fiction’
  • ‘Scottish Men’s Writing’
  • ‘Scottish Life Writing’

Edited editions:

  • Catherine Ponton Slater, (1925 rpt., 2008) Marget Pow.
  • Margaret Oliphant, (1882 rpt., 2008) The Ladies Lindores (Vols I,II,III)
  • John Galt, (1822 rpt., 2007) The Entail.
  • Margaret Oliphant, (1853 rpt., 2007) Katie Stewart.
  • Margaret Oliphant, (1889 rpt., 2010) Lady Car. Introduced by Dr. Jo Haythornthwaite.
  • N. Brysson Morrison, (1960 rpt., 2010) Mary Queen of Scots. Introduced by Dr. Sarah Dunnigan, University of Edinburgh.
  • N.Brysson Morrison (1930 rpt., 2009) Breakers. Introduced by Dr. Mary Seenan.
  • N Brysson Morrison (1950 rpt., 2009) The Hidden Fairing. Introduced by Dr. Mary Seenan.
  • Moira Burgess, (1987 rpt., 2009) Rumour or Speak, Adam. Introduced by Prof. Valentina Poggi, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Moira Burgess, (1971 rpt., 2009) The Day Before Tomorrow. Introduced by Prof. Douglas Gifford, University of Glasgow. 
  • Violet Jacob, (1922 rpt., 2008) Tales of My Own Country. Introduced by Dr. Katy Gordon. St. Louis. US.
  • Margaret Elphinstone (1991 rpt., 2008) An Apple from a Tree and other early stories. Introduced by Tom Pow. University of Glasgow (Chrichton).
  • Margaret Elphinstone, (1994 rpt., 2008) Islanders. Introduced by Dr. Simon Hall, Orkney.
  • James Thomson, (1874 rpt., 2008) The City of Dreadful Night and Other Poems. Introduced by Prof. Ian Campbell, University of Edinburgh.
  • Willa Muir, (1968 rpt., 2008) Belonging: A Memoir. Introduced by Aileen Christianson. University of Edinburgh.
  • Catherine Carswell, (1922 rpt.,2007) The Camomile. Introduced by Prof. Jan Pilditch. University of Waikato.
  • Margaret Elphinstone, (1987 rpt., 2007) The Incomer. Introduced by Dorothy Macmillan. University of Glasgow.
  • Margaret Elphinstone, (1998 rpt., 2007) A Sparrow’s Flight. Introduced by Prof. Alison Phipps. University of Glasgow.
  • Susan Ferrier (1824 rpt., 2009) The Inheritance. Introduced by Dr. Ronnie Young. University of Glasgow.

Published Articles:

  • ‘Consommé: Catherine Carswell and Patience Grey’, Anthology of 10th Anniversary, Scottish Writers’ Centre, October, 2018.
  • ‘Margaret Oliphant’s Marriage to Maga’, (2007, Rpt, Trudeau (ed.) Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism (USA : Gale, Cengage, 2018).
  • ‘The art of paying attention’, Scottish Writers’ Centre, on-line blog, June 2018.
  • Claim your Narrative’, Laldy! West of Scotland’s Literary Journal, Issue 1, Spring 2018.
  • ‘The Garden Room’, Laldy! West of Scotland’s Literary Journal, Issue 1, Spring 2018.
  • Review of Mallaig Book Festival. West Highland Free Press, October 2016. 
  • Review of Mary Seenan, Nancy Brysson Morrison: A Literary Life (Kilkerran: Kennedy & Boyd, 2013), Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies, Dept of History, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. Volume forthcoming
  • Review of Sylvia Morgan, The Crisis of Capitalism in Inter-War Glasgow: Five Realist Novels (Kilkerran: Humming Earth, 2012), Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies, Dept of History, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. Vol XXXV. 
  • ‘Oh, this terrible, fatal, miserable Rome!: the unhappy travels of Mrs Oliphant.’ Bottle Imp. Enzine. Association of Scottish Literary Studies. Glasgow. Spring 2012. 
  • Review of Smout, MacDonald and Watson, A History of the Native Woodlands of Scotland, 1500-1920. Scotia: Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies, Dept of History, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. Vol XXXIV
  • Review essay, ‘Ecology and Modern Scottish Literature: A Personal Reading’. Scotia: Interdisciplinary journal of Scottish Studies, Dept of History, Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA. Vol XXXII, 2008 (Actual PD: 2010),pp1– 14.
  • Review Essay. ‘The Edinburgh History of Scottish Literature: A Sampler’. Scotia. Interdisciplinary Journal of Scottish Studies. Dept of History, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Vol. XXXI. 2007. (Actual PD: 2009), pp.18-29
  • Programme Note for National Theatre of Scotland/ Donmar production of Ian McDiarmid stage version of Andrew O’Hagan (2006) novel Be Near Me. January 2009.
  • Margaret Oliphant’s Marriage to Maga’, Scottish Studies Review. Vol 8. No.1. Spring 2007. pp27-36.
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