The power of joy

Writers who are interested in adding to our joy quota are often viewed as naive, passé or just plain uninformed. Interestingly, such writing is now in demand to balance what isn’t going right in our world. By my bedside sits a compendium of the inestimable P G Wodehouse (if you are unfamiliar then, gawd’s sake, get yourself a volume or two). The humour of P G is just the ticket to scare back the edges of anxiety if or when they visit you. As Gussie Fink-Nottle in Right Oh, Jeeves advises, we would do well to ignore the viewpoint of anyone with ‘a face like a walnut’ who insist that the world is in an unredeemable state, and say in response: ‘Don’t talk rot. It is a beautiful world. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, there is optimism everywhere…’

3 thoughts on “The power of joy”

  1. Anne,
    Just out of interest have you ever read the Rhanna series of books by Christine Marion Fraser? She also wrote two biographies “Blue above the Chimney Tops” & “Roses round the door” along with the Kings Acre series. I love her books and they have me laughing on one page and crying on the next! Yo would probably read a book in a day but for me, a dyslexic, its an achivement that I have read all Lol!
    Love Ronnie x


    1. Hey Ronnie. Yes, I know that series – we used to stock them in the bookshop in Paisley and they were popular. Is great to have a ‘go to’ author isn’t it? Such a comfort. Thanks for reading my post and commenting. Love to all your clan.x


  2. Dear Anne, thank you for pointing the gaze of your readers heavenward to notice that the sky is still blue – and it has been for what seems like the entire time of Lockdown! So gorgeous that the entire Billes family are deciding to camp out in the garden tonight. Hoping for some clear skies so we can see the stars and moon 🙂 x


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