Time. Something that seems to come up in many conversations in these strange days — a  sharing of what we are doing individually or collectively with our reshaped hours. My hope is that while we wait for whatever was our previous normal to re-offer itself, we give our deepest being a chance to speak, to experiment, to dream and drift into imagining what we really want to be doing with ‘our one wild and precious life’ as poet Mary Oliver names it. So for those of us lucky enough to have this time — albeit washed with worry for the world situation — may it be an opportunity for focused thought about who we really are underneath any labels we may have accumulated, and who we wish to evolve to be, or continue to be, in the days to come. Maybe then we will understand what a gift has fallen into our laps. Take your time. There is no rush.

6 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Dear Anne,
    What a pleasure to peruse your new website. Thank you for stepping out and sharing your wonderful self in this way. And thanks to Colum for helping with the ‘birthing’.
    Much love,
    Rolf x

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  2. Thank you for this, your musings on this “gift” of time. I, too, identify with “privileged” to be able to feel that way about my time-gift in lock-down (luck-down?). Of course I am concerned and saddened by the many challenging and harrowing sides to this weirdness, but there is, for sure, for me some fabulous gifts among it all.
    Happy new website tae ye!


  3. Love your new website. Great use of time. To use time lovingly is it’s best use. For me the cleaner air seems to be reflecting a clearer picture if all that needs clearing up in my mind – places where love has been replaced by blame, guilt, fear et al. Slowly taking myself back to Love. So grateful for this opportunity. Sending you Love and big hugs.💕


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