5 thoughts on “True Nature”

    1. Yes, we are a strange species. Worthy of much study. But, as Carol Shields advises, ‘when a writer sits down to write, there are two people at the keyboard, not one. There is the performer, the creator, the storyteller. And seated next to her, or perhaps crouched inside of her, is the source — that being who has laid down a bedrock of thought, of experience, or perhaps fo bewilderment and inexperience, and she is now eager to write out of the sum or distillation of that reserve, to name what Philip Larkin once called “the million-petaled flower of being.” Thanks for sharing selkiewife.x


    1. Hey Corbin. Glad we gave you a laugh. To ‘blaw’ in the Scots tongue is to brag / exaggerate / be arrogant. Someone described as ‘a blaw’ describes someone who always has a view on things — and tells you whether you want to know or not — like I’m doing now. (This now needs an emoji but I, alas, seem to be emojiless so will just have to do :))


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