A wee bit poetry

Two poems for you written and read by my talented 'cousin' John Duffy (am allowed to call him that as we called his mum 'Aunt Peggy'), published in Pennine Platform website. Tap on the links to enjoy: The illustration accompanying this blog is designed by Jo Haslam and is the cover image of John's… Continue reading A wee bit poetry

On yer bike

This morning, this oh so sunny morning, as I was running along the exercise track doing my daily constitutional, I met a friend. As we ran and chatted, (2 metres apart, tut not), we talked (well, kind of yelled), about the people who have rediscovered their bike. 'They are positively gleeful', my friend shouted. And… Continue reading On yer bike


Time. Something that seems to come up in many conversations in these strange days -- a  sharing of what we are doing individually or collectively with our reshaped hours. My hope is that while we wait for whatever was our previous normal to re-offer itself, we give our deepest being a chance to speak, to… Continue reading Time